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December, 2016

  • 26 December

    I Love You, My Enemy


    - Not yet available -

  • 26 December

    Happy Together 1999


    The love, conflicts, and reunions of 5 siblings. A drama on 5 children who were separated at the death of their parents. They meet again as adults and have all gone their separate ways. Tae-Poong, a minor league ball player meets his half brother Ji-Suk who has become a counselor. The process of the thawing of their relationship through conflicts and twisted love leaves a deep impression.

  • 26 December

    Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child


    The legendary gumiho or nine-tailed fox, Goo San Daek, leaves her husband after his betrayal renders her unable to shapeshift. She takes her nine-year-old daughter, Yeon Yi, who has yet to gain the ability to use her gumiho powers, to a village in order to protect her. As Yeon Yi turns ten, her physical transformation begins, putting her in increasing danger of being discovered by her neighbors.

  • 26 December

    God’s Quiz S4


    Drama ini bercerita tentang kisah Han Jin Woo, seorang pemeriksa medis kelas atas Korea, memimpin sebuah tim ahli dalam melakukan investigasi kejahatan medis setelah terjadinya peristiwa-peristiwa aneh dan kematian misterius yang terjadi di rumah sakit. Awalnya dia bentrok, tetapi kemudian dia dibantu oleh Kang Kyung Hee, seorang detektif wanita yang menarik yang memiliki ketrampilan dalam seni bela diri dan rasa keadilan.

  • 26 December

    Friend, Our Legend


    This is the drama version of the movie, Friend, which starred Yoo Oh Sung and Jang Dong Gun.

  • 26 December

    Emperor of the Sea


    Jang Bo Go (Choi Soo Jong) was a slave from Shilla (a Korean dynasty that lasted from 57 B.C. until 935 A.D.) He was sold in China during the Tang Dynasty, where he was trained as a gladiator-slave. Through hardwork and perseverance, he made it back to Shilla and became a successful sea merchant. The sea passage at the time was plagued by pirates and Jang Bo Go went head to head with them in battles and managed to keep the pirates at bay. This epic drama tells the story of a historical figure blending it with intrigue and battle of wit to make it into a successful drama of all times.

  • 26 December

    Delicious Proposal


    The drama is about two families that operate rival Chinese food restaurants, and the love stories of twenty-something high school graduates on their paths to becoming first-class chefs.Hyo-dong treats his customers like kings and serves the best Chinese food in the area, but his restaurant has been struggling for some time. Built on his father's dedication and decades of hard work, the restaurant has been declining due to the aggressive techniques of their rivals. In the midst of this competition, Hyo-dong gets to know Hee-ae, a charming young girl who frequents the same cooking class. They also meet Shin-ae, a poor student with lots of determination and big dreams of owning her own restaurant someday. Hyo-dong falls for Hee-ae, but he later finds out that she is the daughter of the owner of deluxe eatery Golden Dragon, a ruthless rival who is out to destroy his father's restaurant.

  • 26 December

    Dae mul


    Seo Hye Rim is a hot-tempered news announcer who was fired by the broadcasting company, but is later elected to the National Assembly and became the first female president of Korea. She faces political pressure and potential impeachment from Kang Tae San and his followers, but survives with the aid of the prosecutor Ha Do Ya.

  • 26 December

    Brilliant Legacy


    Ibu Ko Eun Seung meninggal saat ia berusia 11 tahun. Ayahnya menikah lagi saat ia berusia 16 thaun dengan Baek Seong Hee (Kim Mi Suk), yang sama sekali tidak menyayangi Eun seong. hmm ...sound classic. Tragedi menimpa Eun Seong lagi saat ayahnya tiba-tiba meninggal dunia. Kemudian, tiba2 keberuntungan mendatangai Eun seong lagi saat ia mewarisi kekayaan, tapi bukan dari ayahnya. Ibu tirinya mengambil semua kekayaan keluarga Eun Seong dan memaksa Eun Seong menghidupi dirinya sendiri. Untungnya Eun Seong punya bakat memasak. Eun Seong diterima di perusahaan makanan "Honey combs" yang dimiliki oleh keluarga Sun Woo. Seon Woo Han adalah tuan muda yang arogan (another klise), tapi tampan (yeah..yeah). Dia tidak tahu nilai uang dan ia dibesarkan oleh neneknya yang kaya raya dan ibunya. Satu hari, nenek Woo Han memberikan petir di siang bolong..dia akan memberikan semua hartanya pada Ko eun seong.. Segalanya menjadi rumit saat Seon Woo Hwan (sang pewaris) dan PArk Jun Se (pemilik restaurant fusion) yang akan menikah dengan adik Woo Hwan, Woo Jung (Han ye Won) tertarik pada Eun Sung.

  • 26 December

    Beijing My Love


    Na Min Kook was a spoiled brat and was sent by his father to his company branch office in China to learn the business. He ran away and befriended a Chinese student Yang Xue and her family. Friendship blossomed into love and Na Min Kook gradually learned to be a responsible person worthy of his father's expectations.

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