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December, 2016

  • 29 December

    We Are Dating Now


    Ho-Jung is a cute, naive girl who often falls head over heals with the wrong guys. Both Ho-Jung and Kyu-In, her neighbor, are idealistic about love. They start off on the wrong foot and treats each other as if they were siblings, constantly fighting. Ho-Jung’s friend Cha Hee has a thing for Kyu-In and Ho-Jung later realizes that she too has feelings for him. Ho-Jae, Ho-Jung’s brother, is a player, who has good physical features. Things start to get complicated for Ho-Jae when he falls for Ho-Jung’s friend Soo-Ji, who does not have a physical appeal but has a good personality and intelligence.

November, 2016

  • 12 November

    My Heart Twinkle Twinkle

    Drama korea “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle“ ini menceritakan tentang tiga saudara perempuan dan perjuangan Lak-laki sebagai kakak tertua mereka. Soon-Jin (Jang Shin-Young) seorang ayah memiliki ayam restoran Jinsim. Dia memiliki dua adik perempuan: Soon-Soo (Lee Tae-Im) dan Soon-Jung (Nam Bo-Ra). Sejak ibunya meninggal, Soon-Jin telah diurus ayah dan dua adik-adiknya. Dia sekarang juga menjalankan restoran ayam Jinsim. Soon-Jin harus khawatir tentang rival restoran ayam, Woontak, dijalankan oleh seorang pria berdarah dingin Woon-Tak (Bae Soo-Bin). Soon-Soo adalah putri tengah, bagaimana rasa sengsara yang dialami Soon-Soo? sedangakn Soon-Jung adalah putri bungsu, dia kebanggaan ayahnya. Tapi seperti apa terlibatan Soon-Jung dengan kedua pria pada saat itu??

  • 8 November

    Temptation of Wife

    Temptation of Wife

    One night Goo Eun Jae got drunk and Jung Gyo Bin took this opportunity to take advantage of her. Eun Jae and Gyo Bin got married but their marriage is not a very blissful marriage. Eun Jae’s best friend, Shin Ae Ri, openly flirts with Gyo Bin in front of Eun Jae. Gyo Bin decided that he did not want to remain married to Eun Jae and tried to kill her. Eun Jae was presumed to have drown and died. Gyo Bin thought he was successful in killing Eun Jae and moved on with Ae Ri. Months later, Eun Jae is back for revenge but she presumes the identity of another woman, Min So Hee, who had killed herself. How will Gyo Bin react to a girl who looks exactly like his presumed dead wife, Eun Jae? Will he be tempted by So Hee?