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Higanbana ~ Keishichou Sousa Nanaka


Higanbana ~ Keishichou Sousa Nanaka

Judul: Higanbana ~ Keishichou Sousa Nanaka
Judul Lain:
Pemain: , , , ,
Episodes: 9
Berikut Adalah Sinopsis Singkat Higanbana ~ Keishichou Sousa Nanaka
The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department creates a new division which consists of 5 female detectives. The new division is called Higanbana which is a flower with a poison root. The 5 female detective have their own specialties and sensitivities. The women try to solve a murder that took place at the wedding of a female doctor.

Detective Kinomiya Nagisa is a member of Higanbana. She has the special ability of sensing a criminal’s murderous intent and ill will.


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