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I’m Home


I’m Home

Judul: I'm Home
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Episodes: 10
Berikut Adalah Sinopsis Singkat I’m Home
The 20th NHK Yorudora is I’m Home, based on a manga by Ishizawa Kei.

“My wife is a complete stranger.” Anyone who’s married to someone for a long time might think this every now and then. But what if the person who is beside you really seemed like a stranger to you? Would you still be able to call that person your family? After an accident, Ieji Hisashi, who is in his 40s, suffers amnesia and cannot remember anything from the past five years. Somehow, during that time, Hisashi had divorced and remarried; he even has a child. However, Hisashi, who has no memory of these things, still considers his ex-wife to be his real wife, and his current wife merely a stranger to him. Why did I marry this woman? Did I really love her? Does she really love me? Hisashi sets out on a journey to regain his memory, coming home from time to time, always with a forced, “I’m home!” When will he be able to feel like he’s truly home and say a geniune, “I’m home!” ? Won’t you come along on Hisashi’s journey to find himself again? This drama will remind you to never take yourself, or your family for granted.


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