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April, 2017

  • 21 April

    Saimdang, Light’s Diary Episode 01 – 25

    This is a 100% pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2015-August-10 and finished on 2016-June-4.A reinterpretation of Saimdang from the Joseon times. She was a genius artist and passionate lover. Lee Young Ae takes on two roles; Seo Ji Yoon, a college professor who specializes in Korea Art History and Shin Saimdang.

  • 19 April

    Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People Episode 01 – 24

    Set during the reign of famous tyrant King Yeonsangun, it tells the story of Hong Gil Dong (Yoon Kyun Sang), the illegitimate son of a nobleman who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, and his journey in becoming Joseon’s first revolutionary activist.

  • 19 April

    The Glamorous Imperial Concubine

    Ma Fuya(Ruby Lin) is a princess of the Chu state in 10th century China. In this time of warring kingdoms and political upheaval, Fuya's uncle usurps the throne, and brutally wipes out her family. Fuya bravely takes on the quest of avenging her family and restoring her kingdom, no matter the cost. Loved by both the Prince of Shu Meng Qiyou(Yan Quan) and the Prince of Northern Han Liu Liancheng (Wallace Huo), the exiled princess becomes entrenched in the Shu court succession struggle, and the battle between their contending states. Rising to power amid war, romance, and betrayal, what fate awaits Fuya, her people, and her love?

  • 18 April

    The Patriot Yue Fei

    Yue Fei rose from lowly ranks to become a famous military commander who led the defense of Southern Song against northern Jin invaders before being wrongfully put to death by his own government. In Chinese culture even to this day, General Yue Fei's name is synonymous with the word "loyalty."

  • 17 April

    Above the Clouds S02

    Episodes: 24 Above the Clouds 云巅之上 is a 49-episode web series revolving around the Chinese entertainment industry. It follows the story of a girl from the province who decides to become an aspiring actress by starting from the bottom of the ladder. She crosses paths with a jaded and self-absorbed superstar who ends up falling for her.

  • 15 April

    The Myth 2010

    After some time, Xiaochuan then meets Princess Yushu (Bai Bing) of Tu'an. They soon fall in love, but Yushu was destined to become the Qin Emperor's new concubine, so the two are forced to plot secret meetings. Due to Xiaochuan's worry that Gao Yao would find out and try to sabotage him, the couple would pass their messages through Xiaochuan's mobile phone. Back in 2010, Dachuan, his parents and Xiaochuan's girlfriend, Gao Lan (Zhang Meng), tries to open the treasure box without any knowledge about the two's disappearance. Along the way, they would receive clues, but would also get attacked by the henchmen of a mysterious masked man, while Xiaochuan would also start to experience the wrath of Gao Yao.

  • 13 April

    A Step into the Past

    This series is about a man, Hong Siu Long who is from 21st century-Hong Kong travels back into the past during Warring States Period in China. Unfortunately, the time machine comes into an error when he is being transfered into the past. As a result, Hong Siu Long comes to the period which is three years earlier than he is supposed to be and therefore, he can't go back to the future. In effort to go back to the future, he tries to keep the history goes as it is supposed to be.

March, 2017

  • 28 March

    Genghis Khan

    This drama is about the life and battles of the historical warrior Genghis Khan.

  • 26 March

    The Legendary Prime Minister – Zhuge Liang

    Ah Dou, who is a stupid man. He ages so much as he takes charge of everything in the war after his masters' death. Zhou Yu fails in several attempts to seize Liu Bei's state. He is seriously injured in an attack. However, he is very upset that Xiao Qiao doesn't say that she likes him all these years. Even though she takes care of him, she doesn't say these words even till the day of his death. Cao Cao also becomes an unhappy man after he causes his favourite son, Cao Zhi's death. Cao Pi throws discord among them and he is remorseful over it. He starts to wonder the point of having wars and stops. Liang and Xiao Qiao are finally together. But Liang is dying too as he reveals too many predicted secrets. Xiao Qiao is upset but they decide to spend the remaining days happily together.

  • 26 March

    Sparrow 2016

    This drama is set during the revolutionary time in Shanghai, based on a novel of the same name of Hai Fei. During the republican revolution, Chen Shen is a secret agent under Special Operations Executive Director Bi Zhongliang, among the agents called “sparrow” (similar to the program “zero” in Japan)

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