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May, 2017

  • 25 May

    The Legend Xiao Zhuang

    The life story of Da Yu'er, an influential woman who oversaw three dynastic successions in the early Qing Dynasty. As a girl, Da Yu'er, the future Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang, was a free-spirited princess roaming the Mongolian prairie and dreaming of marrying her love, Dorgon. But as fate would have it, she married his brother, Hong Taiji, in a political alliance. She struggled between her heart's desire and her responsibility to her clan.

  • 18 May

    Red Sorghum

    A young woman is sent into an arranged marriage by her poor parents. Her husband, who later passes away unexpectedly, is the owner of a wine distillery. With no son to take over the business, she decides to operate the distillery herself. She has a complicated relationship with another man, who saved her life...and her thriving business is threatened when Japanese forces begin to invade...

  • 1 May

    Legend of Ace

    A man, who under the strangest circumstance, is forced to work for the rich Xiao household as a lowly servant. Using his cunning brain, he turns his terrible situation to his favor and helps his employer become the mover and shaker of the country. He, himself, earns the reputation of being the best of the best stewards.

April, 2017

  • 15 April

    Empresses in the Palace

    A young woman born from one of the Eight Banners family marries the Emperor. After surviving through many murderous scandals and betrayals, she prevails as the most powerful woman in the Emperor's harem, the Empress Dowager. In the process, she transforms from a kind-hearted, clever girl to a power hungry, manipulative woman.

  • 12 April

    Magic Star

    An unexpected turn of event brought together five young people to go on an adventure into realms of god, mortal, and demon in search of a "star" that can save the world.

  • 9 April

    My Amazing Bride

    The highly competent, very independent Tang Dou Dou was reaching the end of suitable marriageable age. Yet, she was unwilling to settle for less than the best. When Shen family proprosed marriage for their eldest son, who by reputation was smart and rich, she thought her dream husband finally appeared. Her joy turned into horror on her wedding night when she discovered her child prodigy husband had turned into an imbecile in an accident. She immediately asked for a divorce but was repeatedly thwarted by her in-laws. In a turn of event, she cured her husband's brain injury and restored his intelligence, but her genius husband forgot all about her. She now had to fight for his love just as he had fought for hers.

  • 1 April

    Cuo Dian Yuan Yang

    Yang Yi Liu was born in the Su family. Her only wish is to be acknowledged by her father. She grew up being servant. When her sister Su Huan Er was arranged marriage to Shi Wu Ji the head of Ao Long Bao, she refused. In order to keep her sister to find her happiness she thought of a plan to escape. While their fled her father’s soldiers found them and Su Haun Er had slipped off from the cliff. In order to complete the marriage, Su Guang Ping's wife replaces Yang Yi Liu to be Su Huan Er. Huan Er got a bad feeling when Shi Wu Ji agreed to marry to her. He, his two brothers and his sister hated her father with a passion. They thought they can torture her to settle the score. As Huan Er and Wuji began to grow fond of each other can Su Huang Er complete her father’s mission to become the head of Accountants in Ao Long Bao and destroy Wu Ji or does she choose to love Wu Ji and stay by his side?

March, 2017

  • 26 March

    The Imperial Doctress

    A drama depicting the legendary life of Tan Yun Xian, who through her enthusiasm and persistence, overcame many difficulties and rose through the ranks to become the most famous female doctor of the Ming Dynasty.

  • 20 March

    Short End of the Stick

    Eunuchs Lee Suk-gung (Wayne Lai), Dan Tin (Power Chan) and Chan Siu-fung (Raymond Cho) lived a peaceful life serving the Emperor and the royal family in the Forbidden City. Suk-gung worked in the kitchen as a cook and master carver, Tin worked in the Physician quarters and Siu-fung was a beautician who made the ladies in waiting presentable. After the fall of the Qing dynasty and eviction of all eunuchs and servants in the Forbidden City by the last Emperor of China Puyi, for constant theft of valuables, the three Eunuchs band together to survive outside the Forbidden City as civilians in Beijing. Life as civilians is harsh for the three as they face constant prejudice from revolutionists for being associated with China's imperial past while making a meager living working as kitchen help at an alleyway food stall and rent a small room living together in a dingy neighborhood.

  • 19 March

    Ancient Terracotta War Situation

    Emperor Qin Shi Huang dispatched a group of men and women on a quest to find an elixir that would grant him immortality. When they found it, Dong Er fed it to the man she loved, Meng Tian Fang. The furious Emperor sentenced Dong Er to death and encased Meng in clay as a terracotta warrior.Thousands of years later, Dong Er reincarnated as an actress wannabe in the early 1900's. When her attempt to land a movie part landed her inside the excavation of the terracotta army, she awoken Meng from his buried state. Meng struggled to adjust to the 1900's and to rekindle their past love.

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