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Drama Serial Korea

List Film Seri Korea Terbaru

June, 2017

  • 1 June

    Fantastic Duo S01

    In each episode, 3-4 Korean singers will compete each other in order to find and be the "Fantastic Duo". Through the singing application "everySing", 5-10 runner ups from ordinary people were selected and from there, 3 contestants were selected and will appear in the show. The contestants later compete with each other in "1:3 Random Competition" (details below), where the singers would choose one of the 3 contestants to be his/her "Fantastic Duo". Later a final performance will be conducted, and the duo which received the highest votes out of 300 audiences will be crowned as the winner. The songs will be officially released as a single, and will be given the copyright that is protected by the Korean Law, and the copyright will be maintained for the next 70 years. To ensure for the contestants to earn the royalty, the broadcasting company, SBS, will register the contestants to the Federation of Korean Music Performers, where they will automatically given the privilege of a singer. The winning duo will earn $10,000 (Ten thousand dollars) for every win, with a maximum of five wins.

May, 2017

  • 28 May

    Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 02

    Sister's Slam Dunk (Hangul: 언니들의 슬램덩크; RR: Eonnideurui Seullaemdeongkeu) is a South Korean reality show that aired every Friday on KBS 2TV from April 8 to December 2, 2016. The show's first season featured an all-female cast consisting of Ra Mi-ran, Kim Sook, Hong Jin-kyung, Min Hyo-rin, Jessi and Tiffany, and followed their attempts at fulfilling each cast member's dream using a budget of ₩2,196,000 or approximately $2,000.[1]The cast members formed a special girl group named "Unnies" (Hangul: 언니쓰; RR: Eonnisseu) and released a Park Jin-young-produced single titled "Shut Up", featuring You Hee-yeol, in July 2016.[2][3][1]Season 2 of the program focused primarily on the girl group project, which was Min Hyo-rin's dream in season 1. The show followed seven members, Kang Ye-won, Han Chae-young, Hong Jin-young, Minzy and Jeon So-mi, with Kim Sook and Hong Jin-kyung returning, as they formed the second generation of "Unnies", produced by Kim Hyeong-seok (Park Jin-young's mentor). The fulfillment of each member's personal dreams have become the side projects of the program.[4] The fan club name for the group remains as "Dongsaengs" (i.e. younger siblings) and their official greeting, as suggested by Heo Kyung-hwan, is "Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!, Hello! We are Unnies!", with an emphasis on the basketball shooting motion while saying "Shoot". Their official fandom object is a denim-colored balloon.

  • 26 May

    Witch Yoo Hee

    As the director of her father's advertising company, Ma Yoo Hee (Han Ga In) is known as a witch for her ruthless, no nonsense character. After a string of failed attempts to hire a housekeeper, she (literally) runs into Chae Moo Ryong (Jae Hee), ex-medical student turned aspiring chef. As a way to work off his debt for crashing into her car, he agrees to become her housekeeper and personal love affairs coach for one month. Gladly, he gives her a makeover that attracts both her old friend Johnny Kruger (Dennis Oh) and her first love Joon Ha (Kim Jeong Hoon). Despite having a girlfriend, Sung Mi (Jun Hye Bin), Moo Ryong eventually finds himself falling for Yoo Hee.

  • 26 May

    Mystery Queen

    This drama tells the story of a prosecutor’s wife who’s always dreamed of being a detective. After actually solving a case, she ends up in an unlikely crime-fighting duo with a young police captain.Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Kang Hee) like mystery novels and dream to become a detective, but she gave up her dream after marrying and become a housewife with a husband who works as a prosecutor. She then meets Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) who is a passionate detective and they decide to collaborate to solve a case.

  • 24 May

    Tunnel 2017

    This drama is about a police detective from 1986 travels in time to the present to save his daughter.In 1986, Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) works an excellent and enthusiastic detective. To save his daughter, he travels in time to the present day. Wherever he goes, he causes trouble and creates problems, but his antics are funny and bizarre because he is an old-fashioned detective from the past trying to adjust to life in modern day.

  • 18 May

    Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People

    Set during the reign of famous tyrant King Yeonsangun, it tells the story of Hong Gil Dong (Yoon Kyun Sang), the illegitimate son of a nobleman who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, and his journey in becoming Joseon’s first revolutionary activist.

  • 17 May

    The Sound of Your Heart

    This drama is based on a Korean manhwa/webtoon “마음의소리 / The Sound of Your Heart” by Jo Seok which has been being published online since 2006.It’s about the delightful stories about writer Jo Seok (Lee Kwang Soo) himself, his brother Jo Joon (Kim Dae Myung), and Aebong (Jung So Min), who is Jo Seok’s girlfriend and becomes his wife later in the story.

  • 16 May

    Go Ho’s Starry Night

    Web drama ini menceritakan tentang kisah seorang karyawan berusia 29 tahun , Go Ho (Kwon Yuri) bekerja sangat keras sebuah perusahaan periklanan tapi dia hampir tidak pernah dipuji oleh bos nya (Kim Young Kwang). Akibatnya, ia sangat tidak suka kepada bosnya tersebut. Sementara itu, teman mantan suaminya (Lee Ji-hoon) yang ia pacar selama tiga tahun dan akhirnya putus tanpa memberikan alasan yang jelas ikut bergabung dengan perusahaan yang sama dan go ho akan ditransfer ke unitnya untuk bekerja di tim yang sama. Cerita mulai berkembang ketika 2 orang pria berusaha untuk merebut hati Go Ho

  • 16 May

    Individualist Ms Ji Young

    This is a short drama about an individualist, Ji Young (Min Hyo Rin), who avoids relationships with others, meets Byuk Soo (Gong Myung), who can’t live without having relationships.

  • 10 May

    The Liar and His Lover

    This drama is based on a Japanese manga “カノジョはうそをあいしすぎてる” by Aoki Kotomi which was first published on 2009-May by Cheese! magazine.Kang Han Kyul (Lee Hyun Woo) is a great composer and gets inspired by the voice of others. He hides his identity from other people. Kang Han Kyul then meets Yoon So Rim (Joy). She is a female high school student with a great voice and she falls in love with him.

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