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January, 2017

  • 22 January

    Voice Episode 01 – 03


    A drama centered around the police of a 112 emergency call center.Two detectives teamed up to catch a serial killer who murdered their family. Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk)’s life spiraled out of control after his wife was murdered. He starts to put himself together after he meets Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na), US-graduated voice-profiler, who lost her police father to the same serial killer years before. They work together on the 112 (emergency telephone number) call center team.

  • 1 January

    Vampire Prosecutor S02


    Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon (Yun Jung Hoon) is bitten by somebody and becomes a Vampire. Tae Yeon rejects the life of a vampire and he survives by drinking the blood of dead people and still lives as a righteous prosecutor .Tae Yeon also uses his new founded abilities as a Vampire to prosecute powerful persons normally thought above the law. A mysterious case then occurs and the evidence points to a Vampire as the perpetrator. Tae Yeon now knows that he is not the only Vampire. He also ponders why he became a Vampire and what truths may lie behind their motives.

December, 2016

  • 26 December

    God’s Quiz S4


    Drama ini bercerita tentang kisah Han Jin Woo, seorang pemeriksa medis kelas atas Korea, memimpin sebuah tim ahli dalam melakukan investigasi kejahatan medis setelah terjadinya peristiwa-peristiwa aneh dan kematian misterius yang terjadi di rumah sakit. Awalnya dia bentrok, tetapi kemudian dia dibantu oleh Kang Kyung Hee, seorang detektif wanita yang menarik yang memiliki ketrampilan dalam seni bela diri dan rasa keadilan.

  • 20 December

    The Virus


    This drama centers around the scientists at the ‘special infectious disease crisis response team‘ lead by Lee Myung Hyun (Uhm Ki Joon), who investigate a mysterious infection case where the virus has a 100% fatality rate. While investigation, they faces the truth and fights against the power of evil.

  • 4 December



    Behind the doors of Namwon Hospital lies a chilling secret, one that the hospital's inhabitants have kept buried for the last 10 years, and all centered around one coma patient, Lee So Hee. With the hospital's reputation steadily declining from countless medical accidents over the years, it is forced to shut down. However, as the hospital closes its doors, another opens, and secrets that have long been hidden come out with a vengeance.

November, 2016

  • 17 November

    Vampire Prosecutor


    Cerita dan Sinopsis Serial Drama Korea Vampire Prosecutor Season 2 Korean Drama ini masih seputar Min Tae Yeon (diperankan oleh Yun Jung Hoon). Dia adalah seorang vampire biasa yang senang meminum darah orang-orang yang hidup. Min Tae Yeon tidak meminum darah dari manusia tetapi membeli di pasar bawah tanah di Seoul.Min Tae Yeon memiliki kemampuan yang luar biasa dalam memecahkan kasus pembunuhan. Hanya dengan mencium bau darah dan merasakannya, Min Tae Yeon tahu teka-teki siapa pembunuhnya. Kemampuan ini membuat Min Tae Yeon bekerja sama dengan seorang Detektif bernama Hwang Soon Bum ( diperankan oleh Lee Won Jong ), Yoo Jung In (diperankan oleh Lee Young Ah) and Cho Dong Man (diperankan oleh Kim Joo Young) dalam menguak kasus-kasus pembunuhan. Hwang Soon Bum tahu mengenai rahasia kekuatan Min Tae Yeon kenapa bisa sehebat itu.Pada suatu waktu mereka menguak sebuah kasus pembunuhan belum terpecahkan yang melibatkan seorang vampire tujuh tahun yang lalu. Hingga teman-teman Min Tae Yeon merasa curiga dengan Min Tae Yeon.

  • 11 November



    Ji Sub is coming back home after unsuccesfull audition. Sudden sound makes him stop his car. When he's looking into his trunk he discovers young woman, Yeon Hee, who doesn't remember anything about herself. Who is that girl and why did she appeared in front of Ji Sub?

  • 11 November

    The Tales of Nights Season 02


    Erotic drama stories from South Korea in the vein of ‘Erotic Tales’. Each episode presents a separate morality tale tied up in love and sexuality.

  • 11 November

    The Tales of Nights Season 1


    Erotic drama stories from South Korea in the vein of ‘Erotic Tales’. Each episode presents a separate morality tale tied up in love and sexuality.

October, 2016

  • 20 October


    Someday is about four different people's story about love.Hana Yamaguchi (Bae Doo-Na) was a successful young cartoonist in Japan. Abandoned by her parents and brought up by her grandma, she was cold and aloof and did not believe in love which to her was only a simple biological response. When the elderly neighbourhood street sweeper died, she discovered the affection between him and her neighbour which lasted 60 years. Hana could not understand this kind of love, so she decided to trace her neighbour's footstep to Korea when she disappeared with her lover's ashes.Go Jin Pyo (Kim Min Joon) was a doctor who was a comic book fan of Hana. He was overjoyed in meeting Hana and believed that he was in love for the first time in his life. He decided to help Hana in fulfilling her wish to look for her neighbour and enlisted the help of a private eye, Suk Man (Lee Jin Wook). Suk Man was the sole survivor of a car accident whereby his parents and brother were killed. He carried a lot of guilt towards the parents of the other victim and did his best to help out even at the expense of owing money to the loan sharks.Hye Young (Oh Yoon Ah) was a PD of animation projects and a close friend of Jin Pyo. she didn't realize that she was in love with him till Hana appeared.In bringing her neighbour's love story to fruition and published in print, the process changed the lives and outlook on love for these four people.