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April, 2017

  • 16 April

    Amour et Patisserie

    A pâtisserie with no name, hidden in a residential area of Taichung has a talented pastry chef that only makes three different desserts each day and each day is a surprise for the customer as what is available depends on the chef's mood. However life at the quiet shop changes when a happy go lucky backpacker with his belongings stolen accidentally stumbles into the shop and refuses to leave by asking to work for room and board only.

  • 10 April

    Rock Records in Love

    A collection of stories connected by classic rock songs.

February, 2017

  • 18 February


    Cheng Yue falls in love with Xiao Lu, but he is rejected by her, why? Is their love fated to be a tragedy? Although they are not blessed, although they do not have a future, Cheng Yue still bravely loves Xiao Lu...

December, 2016

  • 2 December

    Black & White

    Pi Zi and Ying Xiong are two cops who are as different as day and night. One does nothing except drink coffee and live a luxurious lifestyle while waiting for information from dubious sources to crack his cases. Another believes law and justice are the pillars of society and is constantly on the street catching criminals, though a little overzealously for his superior's liking. When a case brrings these two top crime solvers together, sparks fly and light is shed on the dark city, where the nation's President is on friendly terms with the local triad.

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