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June, 2017

  • 23 June

    Chicago Typewriter

    This drama is about three writers who lived in the 1930’s Japanese occupation of Korea, and are reincarnated into the present as a best-selling writer in a slump, an anti-fan, and a ghostwriter.

  • 22 June

    Circle: Two Worlds Connected

    Set in the present (2017) and the future (2037), the story is about an alien invasion in 2017 and the subsequent new Earth in 2037; which is separated into the “Smart Earth” where people’s emotions are controlled and no crimes and illness exist, and the “General Earth” where people still suffer from rampant plague and lawlessness.

  • 20 June

    Secret Forest

    This drama is a pre-produced drama. It’s about a chase thriller where a prosecutor who has lost his emotions explores the secrets inside the prosecution office and chases the real criminals along with a righteous police officer.Though he is rational, a childhood brain surgery leaves prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok (Cho Seung Woo) to lack emotion. Cold and lonely, he’s one of the only prosecutors not involved in corruption. When he meets Police Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doo Na) at a murder crime scene, they join forces to eradicate corruption at the prosecutor’s office and solve a serial murder case.

May, 2017

  • 10 May

    The Liar and His Lover

    This drama is based on a Japanese manga “カノジョはうそをあいしすぎてる” by Aoki Kotomi which was first published on 2009-May by Cheese! magazine.Kang Han Kyul (Lee Hyun Woo) is a great composer and gets inspired by the voice of others. He hides his identity from other people. Kang Han Kyul then meets Yoon So Rim (Joy). She is a female high school student with a great voice and she falls in love with him.

March, 2017

  • 26 March

    Tomorrow With You

    This is a 100% pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2016-Sep-05 and will be finished on 2017-Jan.This drama is about a romance story between a time traveler and his wife. Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) is a CEO of a real estate company, who has the ability to travel through time via a subway. Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) is her wife and works as a photographer. So Joon foresees his future-self living miserably so he decides to marry Ma Rin in order to avoid that fate. As time passes, he learns to love her selflessly.

  • 16 March

    Introverted Boss

    This is about a mysterious man known as the “silent monster” Eun Hwan Ki (Yun Woo Jin), the director of the top public relations agency in the business. No one knows much about him because he always avoids eye contact and appears coldly aloof and arrogant, but in truth he’s an extreme introvert — a PR exec who hates attention and is too shy to be around people. Chae Ro Woon (Park Hye Soo) begins work at Eun Hwan Ki’s company. She is very energetic and receives recognition for her work, but her only interest is in CEO Eun Hwan Ki. She plans to reveal who Eun Hwan Ki really is.

  • 6 March

    Cinderella and Four Knights OST

    Eun Ha Won adalah seorang siswa SMA.. Dia adalah gadis yang cerdas yang ingin menjadi seorang dokter hewan , tapi di rumah, dia selalu dan merasa kesepian . Dia di asingkan dari anggota keluarganya... Eun Ha Won tinggal bersama ayah , ibu tiri dan adik tirinya setelah ibunya meninggal dalam kecelakaan mobil . Suatu hari , ia membantu orang tua yang misterius yang tidak di kenalnya sama sekali... Orang tua itu menyarankan padanya agar tinggal di rumah dan mengejar impiannya menjadi seorang dokter hewan...

February, 2017

  • 22 February

    Potato Star 2013QR3

    potato star 2013qr3

    What if the Earth was to be hit with a planet half the size of the moon? How would your everyday activities, troubles, and love change? This sitcom takes a look at the comedic lives of a family put into a sudden, thrilling and emergency situation created by the crashing of two planets.

  • 21 February

    Let’s Eat Season 2

    Saingan Goo Dae Young (Yoon Doo Joon) telah muncul adalah seorang blogger makanan yang bernama Bae Soo ji (Seo Hyun Jin) yang makan hanya sekali dalam sehari. Selain itu ada pekerja pemerintah seorang vegetarian yang bernama Lee Sang Woo (Kwon Yool). Drama ini mengisahkan kehidupan pedas dan gurih dari penghuni tunggal di Sejong Villa, yang memiliki rasa yang unik.

  • 18 February


    Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is a goblin who is also a protector of souls. He lives together with an amnesiac grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) who is in charge of taking deceased souls. Together the two of them sees the dead off into the afterlife. Meanwhile, Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) is a high school student who despite her painful reality, remains optimistic. She ends up falling in love with the goblin. Kim Sun (Yoo In Na) is an owner of a chicken shop; a bright and attractive girl who is loved by all men.

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