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October, 2016

  • 20 October


    Someday is about four different people's story about love.Hana Yamaguchi (Bae Doo-Na) was a successful young cartoonist in Japan. Abandoned by her parents and brought up by her grandma, she was cold and aloof and did not believe in love which to her was only a simple biological response. When the elderly neighbourhood street sweeper died, she discovered the affection between him and her neighbour which lasted 60 years. Hana could not understand this kind of love, so she decided to trace her neighbour's footstep to Korea when she disappeared with her lover's ashes.Go Jin Pyo (Kim Min Joon) was a doctor who was a comic book fan of Hana. He was overjoyed in meeting Hana and believed that he was in love for the first time in his life. He decided to help Hana in fulfilling her wish to look for her neighbour and enlisted the help of a private eye, Suk Man (Lee Jin Wook). Suk Man was the sole survivor of a car accident whereby his parents and brother were killed. He carried a lot of guilt towards the parents of the other victim and did his best to help out even at the expense of owing money to the loan sharks.Hye Young (Oh Yoon Ah) was a PD of animation projects and a close friend of Jin Pyo. she didn't realize that she was in love with him till Hana appeared.In bringing her neighbour's love story to fruition and published in print, the process changed the lives and outlook on love for these four people.

  • 2 October

    How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

    Baek Soo Chan has nothing in his hands but he lives a life under the belief that he will become the man any woman who sits next to him wants. However, his belief is questioned when he starts to realize true love. When playboy Baek Soo-Chan he finally meets his match with Jung Yoon-Hee. He goes absolutely crazy! His once blissful life of messing around with women has become something of the past every since Yoon Hee started to make snide remarks as she tries to protect her older sister from being trapped by his playboy ways. Yoo Joon Suk is the heir to his father’s very successful company. He is forced to come back and take over his father’s company when his father suddenly collapses. Yoon Hee then becomes Joon Suk’s assistant and falls for her boss. Will Joon Suk return her feelings and will they be able to be together despite his mother’s objections?

  • 2 October

    God of Study

    Kang Suk Ho (Kim Soo Ro) adalah seorang pengacara miskin dirinya diberi tugas untuk membimbing SMA Byeong Meon yang akan segera di tutup karena SMA tersebut terkenal dengan murid-muridnya yang nakal dan bodoh.. Kang Suk Ho adalah alumni dari sekolah tersebut, untuk menjalankan misinya dirinya berencana untuk membuka kelas khusus yang dia siapkan agar ke lima siswa tersebut bisa masuk ke Universitas Favorit di Korea... Para guru di sekolah tersebut tidak setuju dengan usul Kang Suk Ho untuk membuka kelas khusus karena mereka tidak percaya bahwa murid di sekolahnya bisa masuk ke Universitas Favorit. Kang Suk Ho akhirnya membuat perjanjian dengan kepala sekolah Jang Ma Ri (Oh Yoon Ah) jika Kang Suk Ho bisa mendapatkan 5 siswa yang bersedia mengikuti kelas khusus maka Kang Suk Ho akan diberi kesempatan untuk membimbing ke 5 siswa tersebut untuk bisa masuk Universitas Favorit...

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