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January, 2017

  • 19 January

    Team Medical Dragon Season 04

    Team Medical Dragon S04

    The fourth season of the popular medical drama starring Sakaguchi Kenji that portrays cutting-edge medical treatments in a thrilling overall package. Three years after the previous season, brilliant surgeon Asada Ryutaro (Sakaguchi) and his "Team Dragon" are back to achieve their goal of creating the perfect hospital where patients are the priority again.Two new exciting additions to the characters include Asada's former teacher (Hira Mikijiro) and a competent management consultant of the government (Takahashi Katsunori). The story in this season focuses on globalization.

  • 19 January

    Startling Love With Each Step

    Scarlet Heart 2

    Zhang Xiao is a white collar female worker. By chance, Zhang Xiao finds work at "Zhen Tian", one of China's most famous internet companies. Like any other ordinary newcomer to the business industry, Zhang Xiao is ostracised by her fellow colleagues. Luckily, her superior Yin Zheng sees her as a talented worker and helps her avoid difficult situations. Slowly, Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao develop unspoken feelings for each other, but before it can progress any further, a gentle and considerate Kang Si Han enter's Zhang Xiao's world. It turns out that both men are candidates to the successor of this company and Zhang Xiao suddenly finds herself in the centre of a power struggle.

  • 1 January

    The Flash Season 01

    The Flash -- Key Art -- Credit: © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

    Barry Allen is a Central City police forensic scientist with a reasonably happy life despite the childhood trauma of a mysterious red and yellow being killing his mother, and framing his father. All that changes when a massive particle accelerator accident leads to Barry being struck by lightning in his lab. Coming out of coma nine months later, Barry and his new friends at STAR labs find that he now has the ability to move at superhuman speed. Furthermore, Barry learns that he is but one of many affected by that event, most of whom are using their powers for evil. Determined to make a difference, Barry dedicates his life fighting such threats as The Flash. While he gains allies he never expected, there are also secret forces determined also to aid and manipulate him for their own agenda.

December, 2016

  • 26 December

    God’s Quiz S4


    Drama ini bercerita tentang kisah Han Jin Woo, seorang pemeriksa medis kelas atas Korea, memimpin sebuah tim ahli dalam melakukan investigasi kejahatan medis setelah terjadinya peristiwa-peristiwa aneh dan kematian misterius yang terjadi di rumah sakit. Awalnya dia bentrok, tetapi kemudian dia dibantu oleh Kang Kyung Hee, seorang detektif wanita yang menarik yang memiliki ketrampilan dalam seni bela diri dan rasa keadilan.

  • 23 December

    6 Persons Room


    After the dramatic-looking accident, Min Soo goes to the 6-person hospital room. He wakes up surrounded by women themselves. We will learn about their stories, to the accompaniment of humor and mystery.

  • 23 December

    Aftermath Season 2


  • 23 December

    Aftermath Season 1


    This drama is based on the web novel 후유증 (Aftermath) by Kim Sun Kwon (김선권).

  • 18 December

    Everybody, Kimchi!

    Yoo Ha-eun mulai membuka bisnis kimchi (makanan khas Korea) setelah dirinya dikhianati suaminya yang seorang pengacara, Im Dong-joon. Namun saat ia berusaha keras membuat kimchi yang lezat, ia terus menerus mendapat hambatan dari Park Hyun-ji, direktur eksekutif konglomerat saingan, serta dari mantan suaminya. Di satu sisi, Ha-eun kerap dibantu tetangganya, Shin Tae-kyung, yang lama-lama membuat keduanya saling jatuh cinta.

  • 18 December

    The Legal Wife


    The story revolves around Monica Santiago (Angel Locsin). Due to the past she encountered with her mother Eloisa (Rio Locsin), her life is put through the test in a whole new environment with her father Javier (Christopher de Leon), and her two brothers Javi (Joem Bascon) and Jasper (Ahron Villena). Through a set of circumstances, she will meet and fall in love with Adrian (Jericho Rosales), the man who will teach her how to love again, and the man who can also break her heart.

  • 18 December

    Surplus Princess


    Surplus Princess adalah cerita tentang putri duyung yang mencoba untuk menjadi manusia sehingga dia bisa tinggal selamanya dengan pria yang dicintainya.Ha Ni (Jo Bo Ah) adalah putri duyung di kerajaan bawah air tapi dia mencintai dunia manusia ketika dia melihat dan jatuh cinta dengan seorang pria. Dia berubah menjadi manusia dan mengikuti Hyun Myung (Ohn Joo Wan) untuk tinggal di rumah sementara bagi orang-orang yang sedang mempersiapkan untuk pekerjaan. Pragmatis Hyun Myung sedang mencoba untuk menemukan pekerjaan yang baik-membayar untuk memberinya kehidupan yang nyaman. Tapi apakah dia terganggu oleh Ha Ni, yang memiliki hanya 100 hari untuk membuat Hyun Myung jatuh cinta padanya sehingga dia dapat secara permanen tetap sebagai manusia?