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July, 2017

  • 19 July


    Drama yang bergenre kedokteran ini berkisah tentang kehidupan orang orang yang bekerja di bagian bedah saraf. Selain itu, drama ini juga dilengkapi dengan kisah cinta segitiga yang terjadi antara Lee Hae Jo (Han Hye Jin), Cha Yeo Wook (Song Chang Ui) dan Kang Eun Hyun (Park Gun Hyung). Syndrome bisa jadi salah satu drama korea yang menyuguhkan tema sedikit berbeda. Meskipun masih ada kisah cinta di antara pemainnya, tapi drama ini juga memberikan wawasan tambahan tentang dunia kedokteran khususnya bagian bedah saraf.

  • 18 July

    Solomon’s Perjury

    Based on the novel “Solomon no Gisho / ソロモンの偽証” by Miyuki Miyabe which was published from 2002-Oct to 2011-Nov. This novel have been made into Japanese TV drama “Solomon’s Perjury (Part 1 & Part 2)” which were released on 2015-March-7 and 2015-Apr-11.A male student’s body has been found at the school in Christmas morning. After the police has determined it as suicide, an anonymous note citing it was actually a murder, suddenly spreads widely. To prevent further chaos and witch-hunt, Go Seo Yun (Kim Hyun Soo), one of the students who first found the body, decides to take matter into her hands by conducting an independent trial.

  • 18 July

    Scandal A Shocking and Wrongful Incident

    Ha Eun Joong (Kim Jae Won) diculik oleh seorang pria pada sebuah tragedi balas dendam. Saat terjadi penculikan itu Eun Joong masih kecil. Aksi itu dilakukan karena, si penculik mengira bahwa ayah kandung Eun Joong adalah otak utama yang berada dibalik insiden hancurny a sebuah bangunan yang menewaskan anak lelakinya.Waktu berlalu, Eun Joong pun tumbuh dewasa dan bekerja sebagai seorang polisi. Suatu hari dia sangat terkejut, karena orang yang selama ini dia sayangi dan banggakan sebagai ayahnya sendiri ternyata adalah orang yang menculiknya waktu kecil.Hidup Eun Joong berubah saat dia bertemu dengan seorang janda muda berusia 26 tahun, Woo Ah Mi (Jo Yoon Hee. Bersamanya Eun Joong berusaha menemukan arti dari kehidupan setelah mengalami berbagai macam cobaan dan mencoba untuk menyembuhkan luka yang ada dihatinya.

  • 18 July


    The drama will be about prosecutors high-up in the supreme court. A chief investigative prosecutor finds out he has six months left to live, and on the other side is a prosecutor general who’s neck-deep in corruption.Park Jung Hwan (Kim Rae Won) is the chief of the anticorruption investigation team for the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. To get to his position, he has made compromises on achieving justice. He then learns that he has a malignant brain tumor and does not have much time to left. To end his life without regrets, he points a gun at corrupt Public Prosecutor General Lee Tae Joon (Jo Jae Hyun).Meanwhile, Park Jung Hwan’s ex-wife Shin Ha Kyung (Kim Ah Joong) is a prosecutor who has refused extremely high-paying jobs at large firms, and instead fights for justice. She knows about Park Jung Hwan’s situation and helps him.

  • 18 July


    Uhk Gwan (Jo Jae Hyun) is a ggang pae but one day, he discovers he has a hidden 10 year old son named Jae Su. One day, he sees Hae Lim (Jo Min Soo) and falls in love with her at first sight. Hae Lim is a widow with two kids, 12 year old girl named Soo Ah and 10 year old son named Kyung Ho. She just moved to Pusan and opened a piano school. But somehow, her image gets destroyed and she finally accepts Uhk Gwan's love and the two marry. But shortly after, Hae Lim dies in a boat accident. Years later, all three kids are older and were raised by Uhk Gwan. Jae Su (Go Su) and Soo Ah (Kim Ha Neul) are deeply in love with each other but they cannot express their love because they are family, although not by blood. Kyung Ho (Jo In Sung) is a rebel and turns into a ggang pae too. The drama traces the struggles of these three kids and Uhk Gwan.

  • 17 July

    New Heart

    This drama will be about the growth and sufferings of the heart surgeons who work in the thoracic surgery department. Lee Eun Sung graduated from a newly established medical school in the provinces. He applies for a job at the hospital and has high hopes of becoming a great doctor. Nam Hye Suk graduated at top of her medical school. She is an absolute fundamentalist but starts to show her humane side once she gets to know Eun Sung. The problem is Choi Kang Gook just became the new head of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. He believes that only doctors can save peoples’ lives and is a genius but he is also a stubborn surgeon who does not care for hospital policies. Only Eun Sung and Hye Suk apply to work in his department.One day, a famous actor Lee Dong Gwon is admitted into the Hospital for arrhythmia surgery. He immediately falls for Hye-seok, who is his classmate from elementary school. He later gets jealous when he sees that Eun Sung and Hye Suk are getting closer to one another.

  • 17 July

    Master God Of Noodles

    Drama Korea Master: God of Noodles bercerita tentang seorang anak bernama Choi Soon Suk (Chun Jung Myung) yang ingin balas dendam kepada Kim Kil Do (Jo Jae Hun) yang dulunya pernah mencuri nama dan kehidupan ayahnya. Di malam naas itu, orang tuanya dibakar sampai mati. ia berjalan dengan pincang karena tubuhnya dipenuhi luka. Ia menemukan dirinya di dua persimpangan jalan. Kiri jalan adalah kantor polisi dan kanannya adalah panti asuhan. Haruskah ia melangkah atau menyembunyikan dirinya? Saat ia memutuskan untuk pergi ke panti asuhan, ia memiliki nama baru ‘Mumyeong’, yang berarti ‘tidak ada nama’. Dia harus mengubah namanya untuk bertahan hidup. Untuk membalaskan dendamnya ia mencoba menjadi God of Noodles.

  • 16 July

    Jeong Do-jeon

    The new era of Joseon has started! The late 14th c, Goryeo. Abuse of power and corruption made people to leave the government offices and only the corrupted people are left in the high offices. When there seem to be no hope, there are a group of young people who values the meaning of scholar heavily. They are the Sungkyunkwan scholars who have dreams to bring peace to the world and they were the hope of Goryeo. Sambong Jung Do Jun is one of them. He believed that the old corrupted government should be destroyed and the destiny of scholars is to build an idealistic country. This isn't an ordinary revolution. Jung Do Jun's meticulous plans for a new future will create a whole new civilization. A politician who will wipe away our tears, the story of his life and destiny unfolds.

  • 14 July

    Gye Baek

    King Moo is the king of Bekje, but the king carries no real power and can't even protect his first wife Queen Sun-Hwa and his first son Ui-Ja. Because Queen Sun-Hwa is the daughter of a Silla king, Queen Sun-Hwa and her first son Ui-Ja are always fearful of being assassinated. On every attempt their guard Moo-Jin saves their lives. King Moo also has a second wife Sa Taek Bi. She is the daughter of the most powerful noble Sa Taek Ju Duk. In actuality, her father Sa Taek Ju Duk and Sa Taek Bi herself control Silla and created the secret group "Wi Jae Dan" to assassinate Queen Sun-Hwa and her son Prince Ui-Ja. The second wife Sa Taek Bi wants her son Kyo-Ki to ascend to the throne.

November, 2016

  • 10 November


    Although at first unwillingly, Jo and Gong later become the best of sister/brother-in-law. They depend on each other for help, trouble, and fun. Oh Yuhn Soo, Jo’s wife, is grateful at the happy relationship, but things go astray when Gong grows a greater affection for Jo. When Gong confesses her feelings for Jo, the two start to grow apart. Although they later end up in the same police department, they try hard to avoid eachother, and Oh starts to realize the reason why. Kim Rae Won is Gong’s friend and the son of a rich hotel owner. Although he knows that Gong likes her brother-in-law, he never gives up his feelings for her. Things seem to turn out alright when Gong starts to date Kim and forget about Jo, but her sister Oh dies. The dangerous yet innocent love for her brother-in-law puts Gong in a terrible situation…how is love different in a family?The beginning of the drama, when Gong is a high school student, is very humorous. The drama is well-written, but if you don’t like the unconventional idea of a sister-in-law liking her brother-in-law, you shouldn’t watch this drama. Kim Rae Won is portrayed really well, and the character fits him perfectly! worth watching.