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August, 2017

  • 28 August

    The Wedding Scheme

    The Wedding Scheme Korean Drama ini becerita tentang pernikahan 4 anak perempuan dalam sebuah keluarga. Ke empat anak perempuan itu adalah Yoo Gun Hee (Kang Hye Jung), Yoo Sun Hee (Lee Young Eun), Yoo Min Jung (Kim Se Jung) & Yoo Min Ji (Park Min Ji).

July, 2017

  • 17 July

    Miss Ripley

    Two very different men fall in love with Jang Mi Ri, a woman whose life is a complicated web of lies, propelled by her greedy desires that stem from an unfortunate childhood. Jang Myung Hoon is an ambitious hotelier who maintains perfect control of himself and his life, while Yutaka is the warm and gentle heir of a Korean-Japanese hotel conglomerate. Their love for Mi Ri and her tragic ambition eventually leads them down the path of destruction.

  • 14 July

    Flowers for My Life

    Na Ha Na loves money more than anything. She leaves her hometown for Seoul, deciding that the only way she could have money is to marry a rich man who will die soon. She soon meets Yoon Ho Sang, a young man who is a poor, a troublemaker, and also loves money, but is in disguise as a very rich man who died. These two meet and soon love sparks, but Ho Sang has a serious cancer problem, which he thinks is just a story he made up in order to hide from a man who he owes money to, when in fact he really does have cancer.