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Babaeng Hampaslupa


Judul: Babaeng Hampaslupa
Pemain: , ,
Episodes: 113


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Babaeng Hampaslupa tells the story of two clans, the Wong and the See. A modern-day fairytale set on the boundaries between the Filipino and Chinese community.

Three generations of women tell a story and cope in the inner strength in the eyes of their faiths looking for love, respect, power, and self happiness.

The story also chronicles on lost loves between Helena See (Susan Roces) and George Wong (Freddie Webb) and the powerful manipulative Edward Wong (Eddie Garcia). The soap also shows flashbacks of young Helena See (Sheryl Cruz) with the Wong brothers, young George Wong (Mico Palanca) and young Edward Wong (Bernard Palanca).

The powerful love between Anastacia See/Diana Wong (Alice Dixson) and Charles Wong (Jay Manalo) and the vindictive Katarina Manansala/Wong (Bing Loyzaga), Charles’ manipulative wife turned ex in his perspective and Harry Bautista (Wendell Ramos), the newfound love in Anastacia/Diana’s life.

And the eternal love between Grace/Elizabeth (Alex Gonzaga) whose life eternally unfolds in her fate, as she will learn betrayal and love between Nato (Alwyn Uytingco) and Andrew (Martin Escudero).

But between all their trials and tribulations they will face, who will they truly love and be with in the end of all their success?



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