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August, 2017

  • 18 August

    Liar Game S01 2007

    Kanzaki Nao is an honest college student who receives a hundred million yen one day, along with a card saying she has been chosen to take part in the "Liar Game". The aim of the game is to trick the other players out of their hundred million dollars. At the end, the winner gets the hundred million and the loser is a hundred million yen in debt. The next day, she receives notification that her opponent is her former teacher, Fujisawa Kazuo. She goes to him, seeking help, but ends up getting tricked into handing her money over. Desperate, she approaches the police for help, but they are unable to do anything. However, she is told of a mastermind swindler, Akiyama Shinichi, who is to be released from jail the next day. Desperate, she goes to him for help.

  • 18 August

    Team Medical Dragon Season 04 2014

    The fourth season of the popular medical drama starring Sakaguchi Kenji that portrays cutting-edge medical treatments in a thrilling overall package. Three years after the previous season, brilliant surgeon Asada Ryutaro (Sakaguchi) and his "Team Dragon" are back to achieve their goal of creating the perfect hospital where patients are the priority again.Two new exciting additions to the characters include Asada's former teacher (Hira Mikijiro) and a competent management consultant of the government (Takahashi Katsunori). The story in this season focuses on globalization.

  • 11 August

    Good Morning Call 2016

    Yoshikawa Nao stays behind to live by herself when her parents leave to inherit her grandpa's farm in the country. On the day she moves into her new apartment, she discovers that it was rented also to Uehara Hisashi; a cute, super-cool, popular guy from her school. Not only did their housing agency unexpectedly close down, the landlord of the apartment tells them that they had to pay more for their apartment than they had expected. With no money and no home to return to, Nao and Hisashi decide to live together as flatmates.

July, 2017

  • 27 July

    It’s All About the Looks

    Jun Jonochi works at a paper manufacturing company. She is earnest, but clueless about her own appearance. She doesn't have any interest in making herself look good. One day, she realizes that people don't view her as other women. She begins to read up on things like make-up and fashion trends with her two female colleagues.

  • 19 July

    Tree of Heaven

    Hana adalah orang Jepang. Ayahnya meninggal ketika ia berusia 8 tahun. Makannya ia senang ketika Ibunya menikah lagi dengan pria korea yang juga telah mempunyai 1 anak. Berarti kini ia mempunyai seorang Ayah baru. Tidak hanya itu, ia juga memiliki Kakak baru bernama Yun Soo. Untuk itu, agar ia bisa berbicara dengan Ayah dan Kakaknya, Hana giat belajar bahasa korea. Tapi ternyata sang Kakak mempunya sifat pemurung, tidak pernah bicara dan mudah marah. Untuk mendekati Yun Soo, Hana butuh waktu yang lama. Baru ketika hari ulang tahun Yun Soo, untuk pertama kalinya Hana melihat Yun Soo tertawa. Sejak itu hubungan Hana dan Yun Soo semakin dekat. Walau tidak bicara, Yun Soo sangat memperhatikan Hana. Namun akhirnya Hana tahu bahwa ternyata perhatian Kakaknya itu padanya melebihi kasih sayang seorang kakak pada adik. Sebenarnya Hana pun menyukai Yun Soo, namun Hana tahu itu tidak boleh, makanya Hana memutuskan untuk menolak dan menghindari YunSoo. Karena sedih, akhirnya Yun Soo pun pergi meninggalkan Hana. Belakangan, Hana pun tahu bahwa orang tua mereka meninggal karena kecelakaan.

  • 19 July


    Inami Akira is a former Self-Defense Force member. He was emotionally scarred by a special mission and subsequently discharged from the Self-Defense Force. Now, Inami Akira works for a secret Special Investigation Team at the National Police Agency. Meanwhile, Tamaru Saburo is kind and stoic. He used to go on special missions, but due to an incident was ordered to join the Special Investigation Team. With Inami Akira, Tamaru Saburo and other members, the Special Investigation Team tackles important political matters and dirty jobs for the government.

  • 1 July

    Our House 2016

    Set in the residential suburb of Tokyo, the story revolves around the Ban Family with four kids and a widow father. Since their loving mother passed away from illness six months ago, the eldest daughter, 12-year-old Sakurako has taken care of all the household chores and manages the family alone. While the four siblings are still feeling down from the loss of their mother, their father Sota returns home from his work in the U.S. along with a young American woman named Alice Shepherd whom he decided to marry almost instantly. Unhappy that her father has remarried so soon, Sakurako tries various ways to drive Alice out of the house. On the other hand, Alice believes that her encounter with Sota was true fate and is determined to become the new mother of the Ban Family. Will she eventually befriend the children? Will Sakurako and Alice ever understand each other?

  • 1 July

    Everyone’s Getting Married

    Takanashi Asuka is an office lady working for a big bank. She has a number of financial qualifications and is the most dedicated worker. Despite the trend to marry later today, Asuka’s dream is to get married and become a housewife. However, her boyfriend of 5 years proposed, then suddenly dumped her. So a depressed Asuka has to start looking for a marriage partner even though she does not have the time. She meets a handsome, popular TV announcer Nanami Ryu who is one of those rapidly increasing numbers of men who loathe marriage. He would be the ideal man for Asuka if he were not dead set against settling down. Although they eventually end up dating, they have a rocky path ahead of them.

  • 1 July

    Gokuaku Ganbo

    When Kanzaki Kaoru was young, her mother operated an Okonomiyaki restaurant. However, in just a day, her entire life as she knew it turned upside down. Her mother was declared a bankrupt, and they were plunged into a life of poverty. Moving from place to place, Kaoru started working the minute she graduated from middle high school. By scrimping and saving, today, Kaoru finally has 1 million yen in her savings account. Since she understood fully what it felt like to be poor, Kaoru lends her money to her colleague who is in financial trouble. She finds herself moneyless again, and under strange circumstances, she comes to know of someone who works for the company "Koshimizu Consultant"... and thus begins her journey into a world where betrayals are the norm, and everyone is trying to outwit the other; a world full of sly and cunning people. With her indomitable spirit, Kaoru claws her way out of her current situation.

April, 2017

  • 4 April

    Naomi to Kanako 2016

    Oda Naomi dreamed of becoming an art curator, but she currently works in a department store serving VIP clients. Although she has been successful in her career, she feels fed up with her current position. One day, Naomi visits her friend from college Hattori Kanako and discovers that Kanako has been a victim of domestic violence from her husband Tatsuro. Naomi advises Kanako to divorce Tatsuro, but Kanako is afraid of his reaction and unable to free herself from the situation. Just then, Naomi happens to see a clandestine Chinese who looks exactly like Tatsuro. Naomi soon begins to contrive a perfect scheme to kill Tatsuro.