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July, 2017

  • 21 July

    The Legend

    This drama portrays the life of the 19th king of Goguryeo, Hwanwoong, who was sent from the heavens to make the world a better place. He falls in love with Saeoh and gives her the joojak necklace; however, Kajin becomes jealous since Saeoh has given birth to Hwanwoong's son. She takes the baby and throws him off a cliff. Saeoh, thinking that her son had died, is overcome with grief and turns into the black joojak to destroy the world. Hwanwoong is the only one who could stop her. Afterwards, Hwanwoong returns to the Heavens and prophecizes that 2000 years later, the true Joo Shin king will come to Earth. With the help of the four gods, he will rebuild Joo Shin.

  • 19 July

    Time Slip Dr. Jin

    Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) adalah seorang ahli bedah saraf yang jenius yang memiliki sikap dingin dalam berinteraksi dengan orang lain karena mengejar kepribadian yang sempurna. Melalui kekuatan misterius, Jin Hyuk menemukan dirinya kembali ke tahun 1860 (Periode Dinasti Joseon). Dia mulai mengobati orang di sana, tetapi kurangnya peralatan yang diperlukan dan pengetahuan medis dasar pada periode itu memaksa dia untuk mencari cara baru untuk membantu orang sakit. Melalui proses yang menantang, Jin Hyuk akhirnya menjadi seorang dokter asli.

  • 19 July

    The Wedding Scheme

    The Wedding Scheme Korean Drama ini becerita tentang pernikahan 4 anak perempuan dalam sebuah keluarga. Ke empat anak perempuan itu adalah Yoo Gun Hee (Kang Hye Jung), Yoo Sun Hee (Lee Young Eun), Yoo Min Jung (Kim Se Jung) & Yoo Min Ji (Park Min Ji).

  • 19 July

    The Princess Man

    A tragic love story between the daughter of Prince Suyang and grandson of Kim Jong Seo. The son of Kim Jongseo, Seungyoo, is a handsome and wise man who carries a noble quality. Princess Seryeong, a daughter of King Sejo, aka prince Sooyang, is a cheerful, lively lady with a strong curiosity and bold personality. They fall in love instantly but later they find out that their parents are sworn enemies. It's a Chosun dynasty version of “Romeo and Juliet”.

  • 19 July

    Taming of the Heir

    Pyeong Kang (Nam Sang Mi) is a stubborn young lady who does lowly chores at a resort town to support her family. Pyeong Kang once aspired to be a golf course designer like her late father, but after her father's unfortunate death, Pyeong Kang was forced to become the bread winner for her family.One day, Pyeong Kang meets On Dal (Ji Hyun Woo), the son of the wealthy Woo family who who runs the resort town. The brash On Dal instantly gets under Pyeong Kang's skin with his arrogant behavior. This causes the pair to bicker and fight whenever they meet each other.On Dal's fate then becomes harsher when his father suffers a stroke. His step mother (Choi Myeong Gil) and step brother (Kim Heung Su) manuever to take over the family fortune leaving On dal out in the cold.The bitter rivals On Dal and Pyeong Kang join forces to retain what rightfully belongs to On Dal.Meanwhile, On Dal's girlfriend (Cha Ye Ryeon) senses a change in On Dal and feels they are drifting apart. There's also pro golfer Edward (Seo Do Yeong) who seems to take an interest in Pyeong Kang, which stirs jealousy within On Dal.

  • 19 July

    Sweet Spy

    Nam Sang-mi plays widowed police officer Lee Sun-ae who finds herself suddenly immersed into international espionage by Han Yoo-il (Dennis Oh), an undercover agent. Lee Joo-hyun plays Kang-Jun, who’s recently transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department. He opens an old case involving Sun-ae’s past that leads him to an entanglement between the current political/economic powers and their secrets. One of them, oddly enough, being Han Yoo-il. Who is this man? Why is he here?

  • 18 July

    Please Come Back

    For once, something a little fresh, at least by K-Drama standards. We're talking body exchange, which has been done many times on the big screen, but rarely on Korean TV. The idea of Park Jin-Hee playing an Ajumma and Shim Hye-Jin going into sexy mode sounds just about right (the initial setup is the opposite, obviously), and if the script builds on the interesting outline, this could be fun.

  • 17 July

    Myung Wol The Spy

    An elite North Korean spy, Han Myung Wol, and her partner, Choi Ryu, infiltrates South Korea on a mission to disrupt the Hallyu Wave by kidnapping one of their top stars, Kang Woo. Despite her proficiency at her job, Myung Wol's one weakness is her uncontrollable curiosity. Hijinks ensue when she falls in love with Kang Woo instead.

  • 17 July

    Me Too, Flower!

    A female police officer who suffers from depression falls in love with a young multimillionaiR'e whom she initially believed was a parking attendant. InsteA'd of countinG' her lucking stars, she is taken aback by how rich he is. Officer Cha Bong-sun is a peculiar woman who defies the rigid social hierA'rchy and rails against it. And Seo Jae-hee, the millioN'aire boyfriend, is a peculiar man who falls in love with this quirky police officer. They fall passionately in love with each other. A crazy sort of love. A story about people, relationships and love.

  • 16 July

    King 2 Hearts

    Berlatar belakang Korea Selatan modern fiktif yang berbentuk monarki konstitusional dari Dinasti Joseon (Chosun), dikisahkan bahwa Lee Jae-ha (Lee Seung-gi) adalah pangeran muda dan tampan namun materialistik serta tidak peduli pada politik. Tidak hanya itu Jae-ha berusaha mencari cara agar ia kelak tidak perlu naik tahta untuk menggantikan kakaknya, Raja Jae-kang (Lee Sung-min).