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July, 2017

  • 31 July

    Dong Yi

    Latar cerita ada pada masa pemerintahan Raja Sukjong (Raja ke-19) yang memerintah Dinasti Joseon. Cerita berfokus pada Dong Yi, pelayan biro musik yang tugasnya membantu biro musik dan pekerjaan-pekerjaan berat lain di istana (musuri) yang kemudian mendapatkan kepercayaan Ratu Inhyeon. Ia juga disukai oleh raja dan tersentuh oleh doa yang ia sampaikan demi kesehatan sang ratu pada saat terjadi kekacauan yang disebabkan oleh selir lain, Jang Hui-bin.Dong Yi adalah putri Choi Hyo Won yang merupakan ketua Masyarakat Pendekar Pedang (Geumgae). Kakaknya Choi Dong Joo berteman dengan Cha Cheon Soo yang nantinya akan membantu Dong Yi. Seo Yong Gi adalah teman ayah Dong Yi, ayah Seo Yong Gi tewas karena pembunuhan (yang katanya direncanakan Fraksi Selatan). Seo Yong Gi ditugaskan menyelidiki kasus ayahnya. Geumgae bentukan Choi Hyo Won dituduh membunuh ayah Seo Yong Gi, maka Seo Yong Gi harus memburu semua anggota Geumgae dan putri ketuanya, Dong Yi. Semua anggota Geumgae dieksekusi dengan perintah raja (karena tuduhan membunuh), tapi ada satu yang melarikan diri, yaitu Cha Cheon Soo yang akan menyelamatkan Dong Yi.Dong Yi mengganti namanya menjadi Cheon Dong Yi, agar tidak tertangkap prajurit. Sebenarnya Dong Yi dan Seo Yong Gi sering sekali bertemu tetapi Seo Yong Gi tidak mengenalinya sementara Dong Yi mengenalnya (karena pernah bertemu saat masa kecilnya). Seo Yong Gi justru membantu Dong Yi sampai menjadi selir. Karena suatu jasa Jang Hui Bin merekomendasikannya sebagai gungnyeo (dayang) biro pengawas. Di biro pengawas, Jeong Sang Gung (Ibu Asrama Jeong) dan Jung Im selalu membantunya menegakkan kebenaran sampai dia menjadi Dayang Agung Istana (dan kemudian jadi selir).Dong Yi lalu menjadi selir dengan pangkat Suk-Bin (selir tingkat 1) dan melahirkan putra yang nantinya menjadi raja ke-21 Joseon, Yeongjo.

  • 28 July

    The Myth 2010

    After some time, Xiaochuan then meets Princess Yushu (Bai Bing) of Tu'an. They soon fall in love, but Yushu was destined to become the Qin Emperor's new concubine, so the two are forced to plot secret meetings. Due to Xiaochuan's worry that Gao Yao would find out and try to sabotage him, the couple would pass their messages through Xiaochuan's mobile phone. Back in 2010, Dachuan, his parents and Xiaochuan's girlfriend, Gao Lan (Zhang Meng), tries to open the treasure box without any knowledge about the two's disappearance. Along the way, they would receive clues, but would also get attacked by the henchmen of a mysterious masked man, while Xiaochuan would also start to experience the wrath of Gao Yao.

  • 28 July

    The Girl In Blue

    The Girl in Blue

    After university student You Jia Qi met Meng He Ping, the two started dating. Meng He Ping's mother however strongly objected to their relationship. Jia Qi broke up with He Ping and He Ping angrily went overseas. Jia Qi's friend Ruan Zheng Dong who comes from a rich family, had an accident and ended up in the hospital. Jia Qi went to visit him and unexpectedly met He Ping again. It turned out that He Ping and Zheng Dong were childhood friends. To escape from the heartaches that He Ping's reappearance brought about, Jia Qi started dating Zheng Dong. Zheng Dong ended up in the hospital again due to stomach pains which turned out to be the terminal stage of gastric cancer. He decided to let He Ping and Jia Qi, the two lovers be together and secretly left. Jia Qi started to search for him. After Jia Qi finally found Zheng Dong, she told him that she has already fallen in love with him. Zheng Dong knew that he didn't have much time left and asked Jia Qi to help him retrieve back a very important property belonging to him.

  • 28 July

    Summer’s Desire

    Xia Mo and Luo Xi were both orphans adopted by the same family. Their closeness made Ou Chen, Xia Mo's rich boyfriend, increasingly jealous. He forced their separation by sending Luo Xi to study abroad. However, his overbearing behavior only pushed Xia Mo to breakup with him. Heartbroken, he got into a car accident and lost his memory. Five years later, Luo Xi returns as a super star. He reunites with Xia Mo and helps her succeed in the show biz. Just when their relationship seems rosy, it begins to crumple as Ou Chen regains his memory and does everything he can to get Xia Mo back.

  • 28 July

    P.S. Man

    After the famous author Xia He Jie crashed the movie premiere that supermodel Amanda attended, he was sentenced to 158 hours of community service at a kindergarten. And thus, it began the most hellish 158 hours of his life. There he met Ma Xiao Qian, a teacher who not only didn't fall for his charming personality like the rest of the female population, she made him suffer for every minute of his community service. What he didn't know was that Xiao Qian was a former neighbor who he had bullied relentlessly as a child. Now, she is bent on revenging for the miserable childhood that she endured under his tyrannical reign.

  • 27 July

    Calling For Love

    Bo Ye is a reluctant big star who entered the entertainment industry to support his family. Now that he has earned enough money and his contract about to end, he happily starts planning for the next stage of his life. Around the same time, unfortunate financial downturn struck his agent, his sister and his best friend. Feeling obligated to help them he contemplates on renewing his contract. Totally depressed by this thought, he buys a lotto ticket hoping that he can win the big one and save him from this dilemma. As luck would have it, he wins the jackpot but loses the ticket before he can cash it. Now he is chasing after a taxi driver, De Xing, all over town in order to get it back.

  • 27 July

    White Collar Season 02

    The unlikely partnership between charming con artist Neal Caffrey and straightman FBI agent Peter Burke. Caffrey provides his expertise to help Burke catch other elusive criminals in exchange for his freedom, and together they prove that to solve the hardest crimes, you must hire the smartest criminal.The unlikely partnership between charming con artist Neal Caffrey and straightman FBI agent Peter Burke. Caffrey provides his expertise to help Burke catch other elusive criminals in exchange for his freedom, and together they prove that to solve the hardest crimes, you must hire the smartest criminal.

  • 27 July

    Weeds Season 06

    After her husband's unexpected death and subsequent financial woes, suburban mom Nancy Botwin (Parker) embraces a new profession: the neighborhood pot dealer. As it seems like everyone secretly wants what she's selling -- even city councilman Doug Wilson (Nealon) -- Nancy is faced with keeping her family life in check and her enterprise a secret from her neighbor/pseudo-friend/PTA president, Celia Hodes (Perkins).

  • 27 July

    Warehouse 13 Season 02

    After saving the life of the President in Washington D.C., a pair of U.S Secret Service agents are whisked away to a covert location in South Dakota that houses supernatural objects that the Regents, an Authority above and outside any government, have collected over the centuries. Their new assignment: retrieve any lost objects and investigate reports of new ones.

  • 21 July

    Desperate Housewives Season 07

    The "normal" suburban life for a group of close-knit housewives takes a dark turn when one of their closest friends mysteriously commits suicide. Now while trying to deal with their own hectic problems and romantic lives, each year brings on a new mystery and more dark and twisted events to come. Life behind closed doors is about to be revealed as suburban life takes a funny and dark turn.

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