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August, 2017

  • 18 August

    The Girl Who Can See Smells 2015

    3 tahun yang lalu, Choi Moo Gak (Yoochun) kehilangan adiknya dalam “Barcode Kasus Pembunuhan”. Sejak itu ia menjadi bersifat dingin dan sering sekali pingsan. Sementara itu, Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung) secara ajaib selamat dalam insiden yang sama. Sejak itu ia menjadi amnesia, dan juga kehilangan indera seperti mencium, merasakan, dan tidak dapat merasakan sakit.

  • 17 August

    Sweet Home, Sweet Honey

    A drama about a group of youngsters who get pushed into society.Even though Oh Bom (Song Ji Eun) is in a difficult financial situation, she is still bright and positive. She works part-time work at a factory. Meanwhile, Kang Ma Roo (Lee Jae Joon) is a kind and simple young man. He is naive about the world.Ahn Tae Ho (Kim Min Soo) is the section chief of a company. He is an ambitious man. He approaches Choi Ah Ran (Seo Yi Ahn) who is the heiress of a large company. She is smart, but has a painful past. Her younger sister went missing and her parents abandoned her.

  • 15 August

    Ninja Party 2015

    "Ninja Party" is a coming of age story of two teenage coeds who find themselves in a comprising situation when they get involved in secret debauchery.

  • 12 August

    The Lingerie Murders 2015

    Lee Ha-yeon was a quiet lady during the day but a sexual one at night. However, Ha-jeong reveals everything one by one. She finds out that Jae-gyu had been pressurizing Ha-yeon and there's a dark shadow that's been trying to get rid of her. In the end, Ha-jeong stands in front of the dark shadow but there's nothing to protect her. Only her camera. Ha-jeong has to uncover the truth behind her sister's tragic death and put her own life on the line.

July, 2017

  • 31 July

    Wu Xin: The Monster Killer

    Wu Xin is an immortal who doesn't know where he was from, how long he lived, or what he is. He wanders the earth with no purpose in life and no money. During one of his destitute spells, he meets Yue Ya who gives him her last morsel of food. To repay her kindness and get more food in their stomach, he decides to capitalize his only skill set: Killing monsters. They begin a wondrous and often dangerous adventure of fighting supernatural evil, one paying customer at a time.

  • 31 July

    The Whirlwind Girl

    A girl's pursuit for martial art glory and the friends she made along the way.

  • 28 July

    The Legend of Qin

    This drama is an adaptation of Shen Leping’s 3D animation series “Qin Moon” which was based on the novel of the same name by Taiwanese writer and entrepreneur Wen Shiren. The drama recounts Jing Ke’s son “Jing Tian Ming”’s process of growing up to become world’s best hero.

  • 28 July

    The Journey of Flower

    An orphan girl, destined for an exceptional but tragic life, was rescued by a deity in human form. She became his disciple and traveled the mortal realm with him to help the weak and carry out justice. She grew to love him beyond that of a disciple, a taboo to ascension. Her mortal love led her to steal a holy object to save him when he laid dying in a demon's trap. Her action inadvertently released the Demon God into the world leading to deaths and destruction to all realms. When she realized the suffering she had caused, she chose to sacrifice herself so that order can be restore.

  • 28 July

    Someone Like You

    A man loses everything in one day in a tragic car accident. Fang Zhan Cheng lost his fiancée, Liang Luo Han, but he also lost his own eyesight. Devastated by the loss of his fiancée, Zhan Cheng is inconsolable and even refuses a corneal transplant that could restore his vision. But his life takes an unexpected turn when Wang Yu Xi, who looks exactly like his fiancée, is hired to become Zhan Cheng’s day nurse. Another young woman, Xu Ya Ti, receives Luo Han’s heart in a transplant and begins to exhibit many of Luo Han’s mannerisms and personality. Caught between a woman who looks exactly like his beloved dead fiancée and another woman who behaves just like her, what will Zhan Cheng do?

  • 27 July


    One day, Pi Ya Nuo rescued mob boss Du Zi Feng and his sister from danger, not knowing her action would cause her secret life to be exposed. She never had any close friend because no one must discover that she is a woman living as a man until her 26th birthday or, according to the fortune teller, bad things would happen. However, one thing leads to another, she and Du Zi Feng become sworn brothers. With him bend on knowing everything about her, can she make it until her 26th birthday? How would he react when he discovers her big secret?