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August, 2017

  • 23 August

    Choco Bank 2016

    Choco Bank is about a guy named Kim Eun Haeng, who is a college graduate entering the workforce. His father made sure he had a lucky start in life by giving him a name that meant money. Eun Haeng (meaning Bank in Korean) will deal with the concerns many in their 20s struggle with when they start working for the very first time.And a girl named Ha Cho Co who is getting ready to start a business. The story plays out as the two meet and finds out more about the financial service industry.

  • 22 August

    Hello I.B.I 2016

    Hello I.B.I is a South Korean reality show, which airs on JTBC's cable and satellite network for comedy and variety shows. The show showcases I.B.I group members' talents and allowing fans of the group to know more about them.

  • 22 August

    Girl Spirit 2016

    Girl Spirit (Hangul: 걸스피릿) is a South Korean reality television singing competition that premiered on cable network JTBC on July 19, 2016. The aim of the show is to highlight the talents of the vocalists of twelve lesser-known girl groups that debuted in recent years.[1] It airs every Tuesday at 22:50 (KST).[2]The contestants are ranked at the end of every episode based on their performances, and their scores will be accumulated over the course of twelve weeks to determine the top four contestants, two from each team. Each week select contestants' songs will be released digitally. The winner will receive a brand new car and the runner-up will get a family vacation to Saipan; both the winner's and the runner-up's final songs will also be released digitally.

  • 22 August

    Fallen Girl 2016

  • 22 August

    Tokyo Strangler 2016

    Danger lurks around every corner. A psychopathic serial killer is tying up, raping and murdering Tokyo's sexy young women! Kathy is trying to divorce her husband, all the while conducting a hot affair with her divorce attorney, Sean. As she walks through the park one day, she witnesses the killer disposing of the dead body of his latest victim. The killer begins stalking her, throwing her otherwise normal life into a paranoid frenzy.Mr. Pink (Yutaka Ikejima) masterfully directs this suspenseful Pink-Film retelling of Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy.

  • 21 August

    Five Children

    sebuah drama keluarga yang menceritakan tentang pria dan wanita yang sama-sama menjadi orang tua tunggal bagi anak-anak mereka setelah ditinggalkan oleh pasangan masing-masing.Sepeninggal istrinya, Sang Tae (diperankan oleh Ahn Jae Wook), hidup bersama dua anaknya dan ayah-ibu mertuanya. Ia bekerja sebagai tim leader pemasaran sebuah brand fashion. Adalah Mi Jung (diperankan oleh So Yu Jin) yang bekerja sebagai asisten manager di perusahaan fashion yang sama. Tiga tahun lalu, suaminya berselingkuh dengan temannya sendiri dan akhirnya meninggalkannya. Ia tidak dapat menceritakan yang sebenarnya kepada anak-anaknya tentang ayah mereka dan berbohong bahwa ayah mereka pergi bekerja ke Amerika. Sampai hari ini, mereka tetap percaya bahwa ayah mereka berada di Amerika. Sang Tae dan Mi Jung tidak pernah berpikir untuk jatuh cinta lagi. Namun akhirnya mereka saling jatuh cinta satu sama lain.

  • 21 August

    Cat Chef 2016

    The story of a Korean cuisine chef, Yeo Moon Joon (Lee Ki Woo) who runs a restaurant in Vietnam. The drama introduces various recipes that are as sweet as the romantic love story of the young and talented chef and his beautiful lady customer with incredibly sensitive palate.

  • 21 August

    88 street 2016

    A web drama that portrays the modern days' mentality through those who have various syndromes.

  • 21 August

    My Wife’s Excuse 2016

    The undeniable seduction of first love. Ahn Dami is home alone in a house where her husband doesn't come back. He doesn't come back until morning and she's alone again. She goes to the fitness club to work out. However, her target is not just working out. After she lost the first love she gave everything up to, she decides to live the rest of her life as a hot woman. Then the first love she thought had disappears and appears again in front of her...

  • 21 August

    Challenge Game 2016

    "Do you want to do it...?" The fatal seduction of...the "Challenge Game"Florist Ae-ran (Vicky) and forensics investigator Min-ho (Choi Ryeong) from the Public Prosecutor's Office both have a family that everyone wants. However, Min-ho can't handle bed time so Ae-ran starts a 'challenge game' in which she seduces and has sex with strange men. One day, Ae-ran and Min-ho meet Alex (Choi Hyeon-ho) at a tango cafe. Alex is interested in Ae-ran and approaches her while Ae-ran takes interest in Alex who is more handsome than her husband. Min-ho later witnesses them in action and gets angry when he finds out the man Ae-ran seduced is Alex. Min-ho feels nervous because he finds out Alex isn't just a game partner and approached him for a reason. Min-ho tries to get rid of Alex but Alex chokes Ae-ran and Min-ho even more and feels catharsis. The game they started is turning into a catastrophe...